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Therapy Session

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows clients to explore their feelings, behaviors, emotions, and beliefs in a safe, caring, and confidential setting. As a bond is formed between the client and therapist, the trust and rapport developed creates an environment that promotes safe self-examination and personal growth in the client. 


Play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults. Play therapy utilizes play, children's natural medium of expression, to help them express their feelings more easily through toys instead of words.

Child Counseling
Family with Tablet

Family Counseling

We conduct therapy to the family of our clients with the client present in session to provide mediation and client support.

Group Counseling

In group counseling, we discuss the issues that are concerning them and offer each other support and feedback with the counselor as the facilitator.

Book an Appointment

PlayHeals currently utilizes Rula for our billing and scheduling needs. Complete the intake form by clicking the 'book now' button, and an individual from Rula will contact you.

*Find the question that asks, "Are you coming to Rula to book with a specific therapist you already see or wish to start seeing?" Please click 'Yes'—input Chassity Todd for therapist's name.

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